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38 calls to configuration_get_configuration() in Configuration Management 7

ConfigurationUITest::testMultiStopTrackingUI in tests/configuration.test
Tests the multi "Stop Tracking" feature.
ConfigurationUITest::testStopTrackingUI in tests/configuration.test
Tests the "stop tracking" page.
ConfigurationUITest::testTrackingUI in tests/configuration.test
Tests the tracking UI.
configuration_activate_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_add_status in ./configuration.module
Add a configuration as datastore only
configuration_check_changed in ./
Check components on datastore to see if there are any changes that would be lost as a result of rewriting them.
configuration_check_configurations in ./configuration.module
Check each configuration that is being tracked and determine if anything has been overridden. Not able to just run a diff on an entire file because we need to know which specific configurations are out of sync. Log any results as…
configuration_check_menu_custom in includes/
configuration_check_user_permission in includes/
configuration_check_user_role in includes/
User roles are unique in that the name of the config and the name of the role are the same. If you change the name of the role, you are effectively creating a new configuration item. For that reason, we have to check to see what roles are no longer…
configuration_confirm_delete_page in ./
Page callback for deleting forms.
configuration_download_config in ./
Download the entire configuration packaged up into zip file
configuration_field_update_instance in observers/
Implements hook_field_update_instance().
configuration_filter_format_update in observers/
Implements hook_filter_format_update().
configuration_find_new in ./configuration.module
Look for any configurations that might be new
configuration_get_component_states in ./
Retrieve an array of configuration/components and their current states.
configuration_get_default in ./
Get defaults for a given module/component pair.
configuration_get_normal in ./
Get normal objects for a given module/component pair.
configuration_get_status in ./configuration.module
configuration_image_style_save in observers/
Implements hook_image_style_save().
configuration_init in ./configuration.module
Implements hook_init().
configuration_is_tracked in ./configuration.module
Check to see if a configuration is tracked
configuration_load in ./configuration.module
Feature object loader.
configuration_menu_link_update in observers/
Implements hook_menu_link_update().
configuration_menu_update in observers/
Implements hook_menu_update().
configuration_node_type_update in observers/
Implements hook_node_type_update().
configuration_notracking_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_save in ./configuration.module
Save changes to track configuration.
configuration_stop_tracking_form_validate in ./
configuration_taxonomy_vocabulary_update in observers/
Implements hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_update().
configuration_tracking_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_update_component_status in ./configuration.module
Updates the status of a component after it was updated.
configuration_user_permissions_update in observers/
Submit handler for checking a diff on user permissions.
configuration_user_role_update in observers/
Implements hook_user_role_update().
configuration_write_exports in ./
Writes configurations to disk.
configuration_write_export_file in ./
Writes configurations file that mirrors the data in {config_export} table.
ctools_configuration_check in includes/
dependencies_configuration_rebuild in includes/
Implements hook_configuration_rebuild(). Ensure that all of a feature's dependencies are enabled.