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function configuration_get_configuration in Configuration Management 7

Retrieve configurations that are being tracked


$component: The name of a specific component to return

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./configuration.module, line 768
Module file for the configuration module, which enables the capture and management of configuration in Drupal.


function configuration_get_configuration($component = NULL) {

  // Get static variable that we can access across this request.
  $from_activestore =& drupal_static('configuration_from_activestore');
  if (!($cache = cache_get('config_export'))) {
    $config = configuration_build_configuration_status();
    if (!$from_activestore) {

      // Check for new configurations before building the cache again.

      // Update the config in case anything was discovered in the chec
      $config = configuration_build_configuration_status();
    return isset($component) && isset($config[$component]) ? $config[$component] : $config;
  return isset($component) && isset($cache->data[$component]) ? $cache->data[$component] : $cache->data;