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function configuration_field_update_instance in Configuration Management 7

Implements hook_field_update_instance().


observers/, line 12
I'll probably end up putting this code in Just want to keep it separate for now, while I get this working.


function configuration_field_update_instance($instance, $prior_instance) {

  // Set a static variable that we can access across this request.
  $a =& drupal_static('configuration_from_activestore');
  $a = TRUE;

  // Pulled from line 27
  // @todo: Should use a function to get format of the identifier to be used
  //   in both places that this is being defined in.
  // $identifier = "{$entity_type}-{$bundle}-{$field['field_name']}";
  $identifier = $instance['entity_type'] . '-' . $instance['bundle'] . '-' . $instance['field_name'];
  $config = configuration_get_configuration('field');
  if (in_array($identifier, array_keys($config))) {
    module_load_include('inc', 'configuration', "includes/configuration.field");
    module_load_include('inc', 'configuration', "configuration.export");

    // Log the change in config_export