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Functions in Webform 5

Primary tabs

Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
theme_webform_admin_settings ./webform.module
theme_webform_confirmation ./webform.module Themable function for webform submission confirmation.
theme_webform_create_mailmessage ./ Theme the contents of emails sent by webform.
theme_webform_date components/ Theme a webform date element.
theme_webform_edit_file components/
theme_webform_grid components/
theme_webform_mail_date components/ Format the output of emailed data for this component
theme_webform_mail_fields ./
theme_webform_mail_file components/ Format the output of emailed data for this component
theme_webform_mail_grid components/ Format the output of emailed data for this component.
theme_webform_mail_select components/ Format the output of emailed data for this component.
theme_webform_mail_time components/ Format the output of emailed data for this component
theme_webform_node_form ./webform.module Theme the node form. Use a table to organize the components.
theme_webform_results_submissions ./ Theme the submissions tab of the webform results page.
theme_webform_results_submissions_header ./ Theme the header of the submissions table.
theme_webform_results_table ./ Theme the results table displaying all the submissions for a particular node.
theme_webform_results_table_header ./
theme_webform_time components/ Theme a webform time element.
webform_access ./webform.module Implemenation of hook_access().
webform_admin_settings ./webform.module Menu callback for admin/webform/settings. 1
webform_client_form ./webform.module Client form generation function. If this is displaying an existing submission, pass in the $submission variable with the contents of the submission to be displayed. 1
webform_client_form_submit ./webform.module
webform_client_form_validate ./webform.module
webform_delete ./webform.module Implemenation of hook_delete().
webform_edit_field_form ./webform.module 2
webform_edit_field_form_prepare_validate ./webform.module Field name validation for the webform unique key. Must be alphanumeric. 1
webform_file_download ./webform.module Implementation of hook_file_download().
webform_form ./webform.module Implementation of hook_form() Creates the standard form for editing or creating a webform.
webform_forms ./webform.module Implementation of hook_forms(). All webform_client_form forms share the same form handler
webform_get_cid ./webform.module Given a form_key and a list of form_key parents, determine the cid. 2
webform_help ./webform.module Implemenation of hook_help(). 8
webform_insert ./webform.module Implemenation of hook_insert(). 1
webform_install ./webform.install
webform_link ./webform.module Implementation of hook_link(). Always add a "view form" link.
webform_load ./webform.module Implemenation of hook_load().
webform_menu ./webform.module Implementation of hook_menu().
webform_node_info ./webform.module Implementation of hook_node_info().
webform_page ./webform.module Menu callback for admin/content/webform. Displays all webforms on the site. 1
webform_perm ./webform.module Implementation of hook_perm().
webform_prepare ./webform.module Implementation of hook_prepare(). This function is called before the display of webform_form(). Rather than a typical usage of hook_prepare, in webform it is used to update the contents of the $node object after changes have been made to the node,… 1
webform_results ./webform.module Menu callback for all content under admin/content/webform. 1
webform_submission_edit ./webform.module Editable display of a webform submission. 1
webform_submission_view ./webform.module View-only presentation of the webform filled with a particular submission. 1
webform_submit ./webform.module Implementation of hook_submit().
webform_uninstall ./webform.install Implmentation of hook_uninstall
webform_update ./webform.module Implemenation of hook_update().
webform_update_1 ./webform.install
webform_update_10 ./webform.install Add the form_key column to the webform_component table.
webform_update_11 ./webform.install Add unique indexes on Submission IDs for faster joins.
webform_update_12 ./webform.install Change 'user' column to 'uid' in webform_submissions table.


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