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function panels_get_layout in Panels 6.3

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 5.2 includes/ \panels_get_layout()
  2. 5 panels.module \panels_get_layout()
  3. 6.2 includes/ \panels_get_layout()
  4. 7.3 includes/ \panels_get_layout()

Fetch metadata on a specific layout plugin.


$layout: Name of a panel layout. If the layout name contains a ':' this indicates that we need to separate the sublayout out and load it individually.

Return value

An array with information about the requested panel layout.

13 calls to panels_get_layout()
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includes/, line 266
Contains helper code for plugins and contexts.


function panels_get_layout($layout) {
  return ctools_get_plugins('panels', 'layouts', $layout);