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Functions in Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) 7

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
aggregator_ctools_block_info plugins/content_types/block/
block_ctools_block_info plugins/content_types/block/
blog_ctools_block_info plugins/content_types/block/
book_ctools_block_info plugins/content_types/block/
bulk_export_export bulk_export/bulk_export.module FAPI gateway to the bulk exporter. 1 1
bulk_export_export_form bulk_export/bulk_export.module FAPI definition for the bulk exporter form. 1
bulk_export_export_form_submit bulk_export/bulk_export.module Process the bulk export submit form and make the results available. 1
bulk_export_menu bulk_export/bulk_export.module Implements hook_menu().
bulk_export_permission bulk_export/bulk_export.module Implements hook_permission().
comment_ctools_block_info plugins/content_types/block/
ctools_access includes/ Determine if the current user has access via a plugin. 4
ctools_access_add_restrictions includes/ Apply restrictions to contexts based upon the access control configured. 2
ctools_access_admin_form includes/ Administrative form for access control. 3
ctools_access_admin_form_submit includes/ 1
ctools_access_admin_render_table includes/ Render the table. This is used both to render it initially and to rerender it upon ajax response. 4
ctools_access_ajax_add includes/ AJAX callback to add a new access test to the list. 1
ctools_access_ajax_delete includes/ AJAX command to remove an access control item. 1
ctools_access_ajax_edit includes/ AJAX callback to edit an access test in the list. 1
ctools_access_ajax_edit_item includes/ Form to edit the settings of an access test. 2
ctools_access_ajax_edit_item_submit includes/ Submit handler for argument settings.
ctools_access_ajax_edit_item_validate includes/ Validate handler for argument settings.
ctools_access_get_loggedin_context includes/ Create a context for the logged in user. 5
ctools_access_group_summary includes/ Get a summary of a group of access plugin's settings. 3
ctools_access_menu ./ctools.module Determine if the current user has access via a plugin. 1
ctools_access_multiperm ./ctools.module Determine if the current user has access via checks to multiple different permissions. 1
ctools_access_new_test includes/ Create default settings for a new access plugin. 1
ctools_access_ruleset_ctools_plugin_directory ctools_access_ruleset/ctools_access_ruleset.module Implementation of hook_ctools_plugin_directory() to let the system know we implement task and task_handler plugins.
ctools_access_ruleset_panels_dashboard_blocks ctools_access_ruleset/ctools_access_ruleset.module Implementation of hook_panels_dashboard_blocks().
ctools_access_ruleset_permission ctools_access_ruleset/ctools_access_ruleset.module Implementation of hook_permission()
ctools_access_ruleset_schema ctools_access_ruleset/ctools_access_ruleset.install Schema for customizable access rulesets.
ctools_access_ruleset_schema_1 ctools_access_ruleset/ctools_access_ruleset.install 1
ctools_access_summary includes/ Get a summary of an access plugin's settings. 3
ctools_action_links_theme includes/ Delegated implementation of hook_theme()
ctools_add_css ./ctools.module Include css files as necessary. 17
ctools_add_js ./ctools.module Include js files as necessary. 15
ctools_admin_term_list_options plugins/content_types/term_context/ 3
ctools_ajax_command_attr includes/ Set a single property to a value, on all matched elements.
ctools_ajax_command_redirect includes/ Force a client-side redirect. 1
ctools_ajax_command_reload includes/ Force a reload of the current page. 1
ctools_ajax_command_submit includes/ Submit a form.
ctools_ajax_icon_text_button includes/ Render an icon and related text as a link. This will automatically apply an AJAX class to the link and add the appropriate javascript to make this happen.
ctools_ajax_image_button includes/ Render an image as a button link. This will automatically apply an AJAX class to the link and add the appropriate javascript to make this happen. 2
ctools_ajax_render_error includes/ Send an error response back via AJAX and immediately exit. 6
ctools_ajax_sample_ajax_button_form ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module Provide a form for an example ajax modal button. 1
ctools_ajax_sample_animal ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module A modal login callback. 1
ctools_ajax_sample_animals ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module Get a list of our animals and associated forms. 2
ctools_ajax_sample_cache_clear ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module Clear the wizard cache. 1
ctools_ajax_sample_cache_get ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module Get the current object from the cache, or default. 1
ctools_ajax_sample_cache_set ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module Store our little cache so that we can retain data from form to form. 1
ctools_ajax_sample_configure_lizard ctools_ajax_sample/ctools_ajax_sample.module Wizard form to configure your lizard. 1


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