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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description
about.html help/about.html
about.html page_manager/help/about.html
Access-Plugins--Determining-access-and-visibility.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Access-Plugins--Determining-access-and-visibility.html includes/ Theme function for wrapping menu local actions.
ajax.html help/ajax.html includes/ Set this so we can tell that the file has been included at some point.
api-task-handler.html page_manager/help/api-task-handler.html
api-task-type.html page_manager/help/api-task-type.html
api-task.html page_manager/help/api-task.html
API.txt API.txt Current API Version: 2.0.8 Please note that the API version is an internal number and does not match release numbers. It is entirely possible that releases will not increase the API version number, and increasing this number too often would burden…
Argument-Plugins--Starting-at-the-beginning.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Argument-Plugins--Starting-at-the-beginning.html ctools_plugin_example/plugins/access/ Plugin to provide access control/visibility based on length of simplecontext argument (in URL). plugins/content_types/block/ Provide Drupal blocks as content. page_manager/plugins/tasks/ page_manager/plugins/tasks/ plugins/access/ Plugin to provide access control based on whether a node belongs to a book. plugins/relationships/ Plugin to provide an relationship handler for book parent.
bulk_export.css bulk_export/bulk_export.css .export-container { width: 48%; float: left; padding: 5px 1% 0; } .export-container table { width: 100%; } .export-container table input, .export-container table th, .export-container table td { padding: 0 0 .2em .5em; margin: 0; … bulk_export/ name = Bulk Export description = Performs bulk exporting of data objects known about by Chaos tools. core = 7.x dependencies[] = ctools package = Chaos tool suite
bulk_export.module bulk_export/bulk_export.module Perform bulk exports.
button.css css/button.css .ctools-button-processed { border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; display: inline-block; line-height: 1; } .ctools-button-processed:hover { cursor: pointer; } .ctools-button-processed .ctools-content { padding-bottom: 2px; … includes/ Plugins to handle cache-indirection. includes/ Contains plugin type registration information for the cache tool.
Chaos-Tools--CTools--Plugin-Examples.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Chaos-Tools--CTools--Plugin-Examples.html includes/ Helper class to clean strings to make them URL safe and translatable.
collapsible-div.css css/collapsible-div.css .ctools-collapsible-container .ctools-toggle { float: left; width: 21px; height: 21px; cursor: pointer; background: url(../images/collapsible-expanded.png) no-repeat 7px 7px; } .ctools-collapsible-container .ctools-collapsible-handle { …
collapsible-div.html help/collapsible-div.html includes/ Theme function for the collapsible div tool. plugins/content_types/comment/ plugins/content_types/comment/ plugins/relationships/ relationships/ Plugin to provide a relationship handler for comment parent. page_manager/plugins/tasks/ plugins/content_types/comment/ CTools content-type plugin to provide a comment-reply form (replying either to a node or to another comment). plugins/access/ CTools access plugin to provide access/visiblity if two user contexts are equal. plugins/content_types/contact/ page_manager/plugins/tasks/ page_manager/plugins/tasks/
Content-Type-Plugins--Displaying-content-using-a-context.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Content-Type-Plugins--Displaying-content-using-a-context.html includes/ Contains the tools to handle pluggable content that can be used by other applications such as Panels or Dashboard. includes/ Contains menu item registration for the content tool. includes/ Contains plugin type registration information for the content tool. includes/ Contains theme registry and theme implementations for the content types. includes/ Contains administrative screens for the access control plugins.
context-access.html help/context-access.html includes/ includes/ Provide API for adding contexts for modules that embed displays.
context-arguments.html help/context-arguments.html
context-content.html help/context-content.html
context-context.html help/context-context.html
Context-plugins--Creating-a--context--from-an-argument.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Context-plugins--Creating-a--context--from-an-argument.html
context-relationships.html help/context-relationships.html


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