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function _support_substatus_substatus in Support Ticketing System 6

2 calls to _support_substatus_substatus()
support_substatus_support_mail_tokens_alter in support_substatus/support_substatus.module
Use '!optional_status' to only add "Status: " when applicable to a client, for example: State: !state !optional_status Priority: !priority
theme_support_substatus_page_user in support_substatus/support_substatus.module
1 string reference to '_support_substatus_substatus'
support_substatus_support_solr_info in support_substatus/support_substatus.module
Implementation of hook_support_solr_info().


support_substatus/support_substatus.module, line 558
Support Substatus -- allows per-status sub-status values, so for example a "pending" ticket can be further marked with "needs review", etc. @author Jeremy Andrews <> @package Support


function _support_substatus_substatus($ssid) {
  if (!$ssid) {
    return t('none');
  return check_plain(db_result(db_query('SELECT substatus FROM {support_substatus} WHERE ssid = %d', $ssid)));