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function _support_available_clients in Support Ticketing System 7

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  1. 6 support.module \_support_available_clients()

Find all clients we have permission to view/edit.

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./support.module, line 3111


function _support_available_clients($account = NULL) {
  global $user;
  static $valid = array();
  if (is_null($account) || !isset($account->uid)) {
    $account = $user;
  if (!isset($valid[$account->uid])) {
    $clients = _support_clients_load();
    if (!empty($clients)) {
      foreach ($clients as $clid => $name) {
        if (user_access('administer support', $account) || user_access("access {$name} tickets", $account)) {
          $valid[$account->uid][$clid] = $name;
    else {
      watchdog('support', t('There are no support clients configured/enabled.'), NULL, WATCHDOG_WARNING, l(t('add client'), 'admin/support/clients/add'));
  return isset($valid[$account->uid]) ? $valid[$account->uid] : array();