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function patterns_moduletags_get_index in Patterns 7

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  1. 7.2 includes/ \patterns_moduletags_get_index()

Builds up an associative array of modules and exposed tags.

The index is cached, but reloading can be forced.


array $data (optional) An associative array of data, that the: components can use to build dynamic forms names. Defaults NULL. The array usually corresponds to an action in a pattern file, e.g.

array('tag' => 'node', 'type' => 'article', 'title' => 'Test Article', 'body', => 'lorem ipsum ...', );

bool $reset If TRUE, forces rebuilding the index from all: the components. Defaults FALSE

bool $reload_components (optional) If TRUE, forces reloading: the Patterns components from file system

Return value

array $moduletags The tagmodules index built according to the parameters.

See also


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includes/, line 218
Functions related to build and retrieve information from the *tagmodules* and *moduletags* indexes.


function patterns_moduletags_get_index($data = NULL, $reset = FALSE, $reload_components = FALSE) {
  $moduletags =& drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if ($reload_components) {

  // Index not yet built
  if ($reset || empty($moduletags)) {
    $moduletags = array();
    foreach (module_implements('patterns') as $component) {
      _patterns_moduletags_add_module($component, $moduletags, $data);

      //$tags = module_invoke($component, 'patterns', $data);

      //$moduletags[$component] = $tags;
  elseif (!empty($data)) {
    $module = patterns_tagmodules_find_module($data);
    _patterns_moduletags_add_module($moduletags, $module, $data);

  // All values from all tags
  return $moduletags;