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function patterns_io_save_pattern in Patterns 7.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7 includes/io/ \patterns_io_save_pattern()

Saves a pattern string or array into the database AND in the file system.

Updates the same file to the newer version, but does not replace an existing file (e.g. if we are moving a file to a new location).

TODO: if content is array and original is null, dump the array into the correct original file


mixed $content The content of the pattern to be saved. Can be a string the: or an array represeting the pattern. In the latter case @param $original can be contain the string. If @param $original is missing the pattern is saved as a PHP array.

mixed $name The name of the pattern file.:

mixed $format file format (notice: it is not the extension!): (optional) The format of the pattern. Defaults to PATTERNS_FORMAT_YAML.

mixed $dir the destination directory:

mixed $original the string representation of the pattern. Optional.:

mixed $username (Optional): A name for the author/uploader of the pattern. Defaults, logged user

bool $verbose Optional. If TRUE, a message is displayed with drupal_set_message. : Defaults, TRUE

Return value

bool TRUE on success, FALSE otherwise.

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includes/io/, line 470
Functions related to input/output operations.


function patterns_io_save_pattern($content = NULL, $name = NULL, $format = PATTERNS_FORMAT_YAML, $dir = NULL, $original = NULL, $username = NULL, $verbose = TRUE) {
  if (is_null($username)) {
    global $user;
    $username = $user->name;
  $result = _patterns_io_save_pattern($content, $name, $format, $dir, $original, $username);
  if ($verbose && !empty($result['msg'])) {
    $status = $result['status'] == PATTERNS_SUCCESS ? 'status' : 'error';
    drupal_set_message($result['msg'], $status);
  return $result['status'] == PATTERNS_SUCCESS ? TRUE : FALSE;