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10 calls to panels_get_regions() in Panels 6.3

panels_change_layout in includes/
Form definition for the display layout converter.
panels_get_panels in ./panels.module
Get a list of panel regions available in the layout.
panels_ipe_edit_control_form in panels_ipe/plugins/display_renderers/panels_renderer_ipe.class.php
FAPI callback to create the Save/Cancel form for the IPE.
panels_layouts_ui::edit_form in plugins/export_ui/panels_layouts_ui.class.php
Provide the actual editing form.
panels_node_override_basic_submit in plugins/page_wizards/
Submit function to store the form data in our cache.
panels_renderer_legacy::render_regions in plugins/display_renderers/panels_renderer_legacy.class.php
Render all panes in the attached display into their panel regions, then render those regions.
panels_renderer_standard::init in plugins/display_renderers/panels_renderer_standard.class.php
Receive and store the display object to be rendered.
panels_views_plugin_row_fields::options_form in plugins/views/
Provide a form for setting options.
panels_views_plugin_row_fields::render in plugins/views/
Render a row object. This usually passes through to a theme template of some form, but not always.
theme_panels_common_content_list in includes/
Create a visible list of content in a display. Note that the contexts must be pre-loaded.