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Functions in Devel 6

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
dvr ./devel.module Like dpr, but uses var_dump() instead
has_krumo ./devel.module 5
hook_node_access_acknowledge ./devel_node_access.api.php Acknowledge ownership of 'alien' grant records.
hook_node_access_explain ./devel_node_access.api.php Explain your records in the {node_access} table.
kdevel_print_object ./devel.module Print an object or array using either Krumo (if installed) or devel_print_object() 4
kpr ./devel.module An alias for kprint_r(). Saves carpal tunnel syndrome.
kprint_r ./devel.module 4
krumo krumo/class.krumo.php Alias of {@link krumo::dump()} 3 3
krumo_ob ./devel.module 3
merits_krumo ./devel.module Decide whether or not to print a debug variable using krumo(). 2
theme_devel_querylog ./devel.module
theme_devel_querylog_row ./devel.module
theme_devel_variable_form ./devel.module
theme_dna_permission ./devel_node_access.module Indicate whether user has a permission or not.
t_safe ./devel.module 4
_devel_node_access_explain_access ./devel_node_access.module Helper function that mimicks node.module's node_access() function. 1
_devel_node_access_filter_access ./devel_node_access.module 1
_devel_node_access_filter_formats ./devel_node_access.module 1
_devel_node_access_get_grant_list ./devel_node_access.module Helper function to create a list of the grants returned by hook_node_grants(). 1
_devel_node_access_get_node_title ./devel_node_access.module Helper function to return a sanitized node title. 1
_devel_node_access_module_invoke_all ./devel_node_access.module 1
_devel_print_object ./devel.module Recursive (and therefore magical) function goes through an array or object and returns a nicely formatted listing of its contents. 1
_devel_switch_user_access ./devel.module Menu item access callback - check permission and token for Switch User. 1
_devel_switch_user_list_cmp ./devel.module Comparison helper function for uasort() in devel_switch_user_list(). 1
_devel_table_sort ./devel.module 1
_drush_devel_print_function ./ Print the specified function, including any doxygen-style comments that come before it. 1


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