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Functions in Devel 6

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
devel_start ./devel.module 1
devel_store_queries ./devel.module 1 4
devel_switch_user ./devel.module Switch from original user to another user and back. 1
devel_switch_user_form ./devel.module 1
devel_switch_user_form_submit ./devel.module
devel_switch_user_form_validate ./devel.module
devel_switch_user_list ./devel.module 1
devel_theme ./devel.module Implementation of hook_theme()
devel_theme_registry ./devel.module 1
devel_timer ./devel.module Displays page execution time at the bottom of the page. 1
devel_translated_menu_link_alter ./devel.module An implementation of hook_translated_menu_item_alter(). Append dynamic querystring 'destination' to several of our own menu items.
devel_uninstall ./devel.install Implementation of hook_uninstall().
devel_update_2 ./devel.install Do update 1 again as the hook_install() was missing and new installations are not having the weight set.
devel_update_3 ./devel.install
devel_update_4 ./devel.install
devel_update_5 ./devel.install
devel_update_6001 ./devel.install
devel_update_6002 ./devel.install
devel_update_6003 ./devel.install As per issue #813132: change to white for krumo.
devel_variable_edit ./devel.module 1
devel_variable_edit_submit ./devel.module
devel_variable_form ./devel.module 1
devel_variable_form_submit ./devel.module
devel_variable_page ./devel.module Menu callback; display all variables. 1
devel_verify_cli ./devel.module 1
devel_watchdog ./devel.module Implements hook_watchdog().
devel_xhprof_enable ./devel.module 1
devel_xhprof_get_namespace ./devel.module 2
devel_xhprof_link ./devel.module 2
devel_xhprof_link_show ./devel.module Displays page execution time at the bottom of the page. 1
dfb ./devel.module Calls the fb() function if it is found. 2
dfbt ./devel.module Calls dfb() to output a backtrace.
dna_summary ./devel_node_access.module 1
dna_visible_nodes ./devel_node_access.module 2
dpm ./devel.module Print a variable to the 'message' area of the page. Uses drupal_set_message() 1
dpr ./devel.module An alias for dprint_r(). Saves carpal tunnel syndrome. 1
dprint_r ./devel.module Pretty-print a variable to the browser (no krumo). Displays only for users with proper permissions. If you want a string returned instead of a print, use the 2nd param. 5
drupal_debug ./devel.module 1
drush_devel_download ./ A command callback.
drush_devel_fn_hook ./ Command handler. Show hook implementations
drush_devel_fn_view ./ Command handler. Show source code of specified function or method. 1
drush_devel_generate_generate_content ./ Command callback. Generate a number of content.
drush_devel_generate_generate_taxonomy ./ Command callback. Generate a number of taxonomy.
drush_devel_generate_generate_users ./ Command callback. Generate a number of users.
drush_devel_reinstall ./ A command callback. This is faster than 3 separate bootstraps.
drush_devel_token ./ Command callback. List available tokens.
drush_generate_include_devel ./ 3
drush_generate_is_number ./ 3
dsm ./devel.module 1
dvm ./devel.module Var_dump() a variable to the 'message' area of the page. Uses drupal_set_message()


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