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Functions in Devel 5

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
backtrace_error_handler ./devel.module 1
dargs ./devel.module Prints the arguments for passed into the current function
db_queryd ./devel.module Debugging version of db_query().
dd ./devel.module
ddebug_backtrace ./devel.module Print the function call stack.
devel_admin_settings ./devel.module 2
devel_block ./devel.module Implementation of hook_block().
devel_cache_clear ./devel.module Menu callback; clears all caches, then redirects to the previous page. 1
devel_create_comments ./ 1
devel_create_content ./ 1
devel_create_greeking ./ 2
devel_create_nodes ./ 1
devel_create_para ./ 1
devel_create_users ./ Generate some random users. 1
devel_db_query ./devel.module 1
devel_disable ./devel.install Implementation of hook_disable().
devel_execute_form ./devel.module Generates the execute block form. 2
devel_execute_form_submit ./devel.module Process PHP execute form submissions.
devel_exit ./devel.module
devel_forms ./devel.module Implementation of hook_forms().
devel_form_alter ./devel.module Implementation of hook_form_alter().
devel_function_reference ./devel.module Returns a list of all currently defined user functions in the current request lifecycle, with links their documentation. 1
devel_generate_add_terms ./ 1
devel_generate_content ./ 1
devel_generate_content_form ./devel_generate.module 1
devel_generate_content_form_submit ./devel_generate.module
devel_generate_get_vocabs ./ 1
devel_generate_menu ./devel_generate.module Implementation of hook_menu().
devel_generate_overview ./devel_generate.module Overview page for admin/generate page
devel_generate_taxonomy_data ./ 1
devel_generate_taxonomy_form ./devel_generate.module 1
devel_generate_taxonomy_form_submit ./devel_generate.module
devel_generate_terms ./ 1
devel_generate_users_form ./devel_generate.module 1
devel_generate_users_form_submit ./devel_generate.module
devel_generate_vocabs ./ 1
devel_generate_word ./ 3
devel_get_comments ./ 1
devel_get_nodes ./ 1
devel_get_users ./ 1
devel_help ./devel.module Implementation of hook_help().
devel_init ./devel.module Implementation of hook_init(). Avoids custom error handling for better behavior when stepping though in a debugger.
devel_install ./devel.install Implementation of hook_install()
devel_is_compatible_optimizer ./devel.module 1
devel_load_object ./devel.module Menu callback; prints the loaded structure of the current node/user. 1
devel_menu ./devel.module Implementation of hook_menu().
devel_menu_reset_form ./devel.module Menu callback; clear the database, resetting the menu to factory defaults. 1
devel_menu_reset_form_submit ./devel.module Process menu reset form submission.
devel_node_access_admin_settings ./devel_node_access.module 2
devel_node_access_block ./devel_node_access.module


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