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Functions in Devel 5

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
devel_node_access_form_alter ./devel_node_access.module
devel_node_access_help ./devel_node_access.module Implementation of hook_help().
devel_node_access_install ./devel_node_access.install
devel_node_access_menu ./devel_node_access.module
devel_node_access_nodeapi ./devel_node_access.module
devel_node_access_node_access_explain ./devel_node_access.module Implementation of hook_node_access_explain().
devel_node_access_perm ./devel_node_access.module 1
devel_node_access_uninstall ./devel_node_access.install
devel_node_access_views_arguments ./devel_node_access.module
devel_node_access_views_default_views ./devel_node_access.module
devel_node_access_views_tables ./devel_node_access.module
devel_perm ./devel.module Implementation of hook_perm().
devel_print_object ./devel.module 4
devel_queries ./devel.module 1
devel_queries_empty ./devel.module 1
devel_query_summary ./devel.module 1
devel_query_table ./devel.module Adds a table at the bottom of the page cataloguing data on all the database queries that were made to generate the page. 1
devel_rebuild_node_comment_statistics ./devel.module Update node_comment_statistics table for nodes with comments. TODO: if 2 comments have exact same timestamp, the function can get wrong uid and name fields. Handles when comment timestamps have been manually set in admin 1
devel_rebuild_node_comment_statistics_page ./devel.module Menu callback. Rebuild node _comment_stats table. 1
devel_reinstall ./devel.module Menu callback; Display a list of installed modules with the option to reinstall them via hook_install. 2
devel_reinstall_form ./devel.module 1
devel_reinstall_submit ./devel.module Process reinstall menu form submissions.
devel_render_object ./devel.module Menu callback; prints the renderstructure of the current node. 1
devel_session ./devel.module Menu callback: display the session. 1
devel_shutdown ./devel.module See devel_init() which registers this function as a shutdown function. Displays developer information in the footer. 1
devel_store_queries ./devel.module 1 1
devel_switch_user ./devel.module Switch from original user to another user and back. 1
devel_switch_user_form ./devel.module 1
devel_switch_user_form_submit ./devel.module
devel_switch_user_form_validate ./devel.module
devel_switch_user_list ./devel.module 1
devel_table_keys ./devel.module Enable or disable indexes for a given table. Useful during a bulk import.
devel_timer ./devel.module Displays page execution time at the bottom of the page. 1
devel_update_2 ./devel.install Do update 1 again as the hook_install() was missing and new installations are not having the weight set.
devel_update_3 ./devel.install
devel_update_4 ./devel.install
devel_update_5 ./devel.install
devel_variable ./devel.module 1
devel_variable_edit ./devel.module 1
devel_variable_edit_submit ./devel.module
devel_variable_page ./devel.module Menu callback; display all variables. 1
devel_variable_submit ./devel.module
devel_views_object ./devel.module 1
dfb ./devel.module Calls the fb() function if it is found.
dna_handler_arg_realm ./devel_node_access.module 1
dna_node_access ./devel_node_access.module This wrapper around the node_access method allows us to pass in an account. 1
dna_summary ./devel_node_access.module 1
dna_visible_nodes ./devel_node_access.module 2
dpm ./devel.module Print a variable to the 'message' area of the page. Uses drupal_set_message() 1
dpr ./devel.module An alias for dprint_r(). Saves carpal tunnel syndrome. 1


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