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devel.css devel.css .dev-query, .dev-timer, .dev-memory-usage { padding-top: 2em; } name = Devel description = Various blocks, pages, and functions for developers. package = Development
devel.install devel.install
devel.module devel.module name = Generator description = Generate dummy users, nodes, and taxonomy terms. package = Development
devel_generate.module devel_generate.module
devel_node_access.api.php devel_node_access.api.php Hook provided by the Devel Node Access module. name = Devel Node Access description = Developer block and page illustrating relevant node_access records. package = Development
devel_node_access.install devel_node_access.install
devel_node_access.module devel_node_access.module This module gives developers feedback as to what their node_access table contains, and which nodes are protected or visible to the public.
generate-og-users.php generate/generate-og-users.php
generate-og2list-mail.php generate/generate-og2list-mail.php performance/ name = Performance Logging description = Logs detailed and/or summary page generation time and memory consumption for page requests. package = Development
performance.install performance/performance.install
performance.module performance/performance.module
README.txt README.txt README.txt ========== A module containing helper functions for Drupal developers and inquisitive admins. This module can print a log of all database queries for each page request at the bottom of each page. The summary includes how many times each…
README.txt performance/README.txt By Khalid Baheyeldin Copyright 2008 Description ----------- This module provides performance statistics logging for a site, such as page generation times, and memory usage, for each page load. This module is useful for developers…
README_devel_node_access.txt README_devel_node_access.txt README ====== This module contains tools for developers using access control modules to restrict access to some nodes. It is intended to help catch some common mistakes and provide feedback to confirm that restricted nodes are in fact visible only…

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