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function page_manager_page_add_subtask_cancel in Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) 7

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  1. 6 page_manager/plugins/tasks/ \page_manager_page_add_subtask_cancel()

Callback generated when the 'cancel' button is clicked.

All we do here is clear the cache.

1 string reference to 'page_manager_page_add_subtask_cancel'
page_manager_page_add_subtask in page_manager/plugins/tasks/
Page callback to add a subtask.


page_manager/plugins/tasks/, line 375
Administrative functions for the page subtasks.


function page_manager_page_add_subtask_cancel(&$form_state) {

  // Wipe all our stored changes.
  if (isset($form_state['page']->task_name)) {