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function page_manager_save_task_handler in Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) 7

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  1. 6 page_manager/page_manager.module \page_manager_save_task_handler()

Write a task handler to the database.

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page_manager/page_manager.module, line 676
The page manager module provides a UI and API to manage pages.


function page_manager_save_task_handler(&$handler) {
  $update = isset($handler->did) ? array(
  ) : array();

  // Let the task handler respond to saves:
  if ($function = ctools_plugin_load_function('page_manager', 'task_handlers', $handler->handler, 'save')) {
    $function($handler, $update);
  drupal_write_record('page_manager_handlers', $handler, $update);
    ->condition('name', $handler->name)

  // If this was previously a default handler, we may have to write task handlers.
  if (!$update) {

    // @todo wtf was I going to do here?
  return $handler;