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function ctools_export_set_object_status in Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) 7

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  1. 6 includes/ \ctools_export_set_object_status()

Set the status of a default $object as a variable.

This is more efficient than ctools_export_set_status because it will actually unset the variable entirely if it's not necessary, this saving a bit of space.

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includes/, line 1113
Contains code to make it easier to have exportable objects.


function ctools_export_set_object_status($object, $new_status = TRUE) {
  $table = $object->table;
  $schema = ctools_export_get_schema($table);
  $export = $schema['export'];
  $status = variable_get($export['status'], array());

  // Compare.
  if (!$new_status && $object->export_type & EXPORT_IN_DATABASE) {
  else {
    $status[$object->{$export['key']}] = $new_status;
  variable_set($export['status'], $status);