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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description
about.html help/about.html
about.html page_manager/help/about.html
Access-Plugins--Determining-access-and-visibility.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Access-Plugins--Determining-access-and-visibility.html
ajax.html help/ajax.html includes/ Utilize the CTools AJAX responder.
api-task-handler.html page_manager/help/api-task-handler.html
api-task-type.html page_manager/help/api-task-type.html
api-task.html page_manager/help/api-task.html
API.txt API.txt API.txt: $Id$ This file contains a log of changes to the API. API version 1.9 Introduce 'object factory' to export schema, allowing modules to control how the exportable objects are instantiated. Introduce…
Argument-Plugins--Starting-at-the-beginning.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Argument-Plugins--Starting-at-the-beginning.html ctools_plugin_example/plugins/access/ Plugin to provide access control/visibility based on length of simplecontext argument (in URL).
base-style-types.html stylizer/help/base-style-types.html
base-styles.html stylizer/help/base-styles.html plugins/content_types/block/ Provide Drupal blocks as content. page_manager/plugins/tasks/ page_manager/plugins/tasks/ plugins/relationships/ Plugin to provide an relationship handler for book parent.
bulk_export.css bulk_export/bulk_export.css div.export-container { width: 48%; float: left; padding: .5em; } div.export-container table { width: 100%; } div.export-container table input, div.export-container table th, div.export-container table td { padding: 0 0 0 .5em; margin: 0; } bulk_export/ name = Bulk Export description = Performs bulk exporting of data objects known about by Chaos tools. core = 6.x dependencies[] = ctools package = Chaos tool suite
bulk_export.module bulk_export/bulk_export.module Perform bulk exports.
CHANGELOG.txt CHANGELOG.txt Current API VERSION: 1.8. See API.txt for more information. ctools 6.x-dev ============== #959206: If a context is not set when rendering content, attempt to guess the context (fixes Views panes where "From context" was added but pane was…
Chaos-Tools--CTools--Plugin-Examples.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Chaos-Tools--CTools--Plugin-Examples.html includes/ Helper class to clean strings to make them URL safe and translatable.
collapsible-div.css css/collapsible-div.css .ctools-collapsible-container .ctools-toggle { float: left; width: 21px; height: 21px; cursor: pointer; background-position: 7px 7px; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image:… includes/ Theme function for the collapsible div tool. plugins/access/ Ctools access plugin to provide access/visiblity if two user contexts are equal. plugins/content_types/contact/ page_manager/plugins/tasks/ page_manager/plugins/tasks/
Content-Type-Plugins--Displaying-content-using-a-context.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Content-Type-Plugins--Displaying-content-using-a-context.html includes/ Contains the tools to handle pluggable content that can be used by other applications such as Panels or Dashboard. includes/ Contains menu item registration for the content tool. includes/ Contains theme registry and theme implementations for the content types. includes/ Contains administrative screens for the access control plugins.
context-access.html help/context-access.html includes/ includes/ Provide API for adding contexts for modules that embed displays.
context-arguments.html help/context-arguments.html
context-content.html help/context-content.html
context-context.html help/context-context.html
Context-plugins--Creating-a--context--from-an-argument.html ctools_plugin_example/help/Context-plugins--Creating-a--context--from-an-argument.html
context-relationships.html help/context-relationships.html includes/ Support for creating 'context' type task handlers.
context.css css/context.css .ctools-context-holder .ctools-context-title { float: left; width: 49%; font-style: italic; } .ctools-context-holder .ctools-context-content { float: right; width: 49%; }
context.html help/context.html includes/ Contains code related to the ctools system of 'context'. includes/ Contains menu item registration for the context tool. includes/ Contains theme registry and theme implementations for the context tool. plugins/access/ includes/
ctools-ajax-sample.css ctools_ajax_sample/css/ctools-ajax-sample.css div.ctools-sample-modal-content { background:none; border:0; color:#000000; margin:0; padding:0; text-align:left; } div.ctools-sample-modal-content .modal-scroll{ overflow:hidden; overflow-y:auto; } div.ctools-sample-modal-content…


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