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18 calls to configuration_include() in Configuration Management 7

configuration_activate_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_check_configurations in ./configuration.module
Check each configuration that is being tracked and determine if anything has been overridden. Not able to just run a diff on an entire file because we need to know which specific configurations are out of sync. Log any results as…
configuration_confirm_delete in ./
Form for deleting configs.
configuration_confirm_delete_multiple in ./
Form for deleting configs.
configuration_download_config in ./
Download the entire configuration packaged up into zip file
configuration_export_render_hooks in ./
Generate an array of hooks and their raw code.
configuration_get_components in ./configuration.module
Returns the array of supported components.
configuration_get_component_states in ./
Retrieve an array of configuration/components and their current states.
configuration_get_default in ./
Get defaults for a given module/component pair.
configuration_get_default_hooks in ./
Gets the available default hooks keyed by components.
configuration_get_default_map in ./
Get a map of components to their providing modules.
configuration_get_normal in ./
Get normal objects for a given module/component pair.
configuration_migrate_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_notracking_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_save in ./configuration.module
Save changes to track configuration.
configuration_tracking_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
_configuration_populate in ./
Iterate and descend into a feature definition to extract module dependencies and feature definition. Calls hook_configuration_export for modules that implement it.
_configuration_restore in ./configuration.module
Restore the specified modules to the default state.