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function configuration_include in Configuration Management 7

Load includes for any modules that implement the configuration API and load includes for those provided by configuration.

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./configuration.module, line 314
Module file for the configuration module, which enables the capture and management of configuration in Drupal.


function configuration_include($reset = FALSE) {
  static $once;
  if (!isset($once) || $reset) {
    $once = TRUE;

    // Check for implementing modules and make necessary inclusions.
    foreach (module_implements('configuration_api') as $module) {
      $info = module_invoke($module, 'configuration_api');
      foreach ($info as $component) {
        if (isset($component['file'])) {
          require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/' . $component['file'];

    // configuration provides integration on behalf of these modules.
    // The configuration include provides handling for the configuration dependencies.
    // Note that ctools is placed last because it implements hooks "dynamically" for other modules.
    $modules = array(
    foreach (array_filter($modules, 'module_exists') as $module) {
      if (!module_hook($module, 'configuration_api')) {
        module_load_include('inc', 'configuration', "includes/configuration.{$module}");

    // Clear static cache, since we've now included new implementers.
    module_implements('configuration_api', FALSE, TRUE);