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9 calls to configuration_get_data() in Configuration Management 6

configuration_context_process_property in ./configuration.module
Process a single mapping config property. Various properties will mark static data that will be processed later on in the configuration phases.
configuration_execute_batch in ./configuration.module
The "batch" method of executing a configuration
configuration_initiate in ./configuration.module
Initialize whats needed to execute a configuration.
configuration_load_includes in ./configuration.module
Load all include files including the module configuration component files supplied by the configuration framework
configuration_process_action in ./configuration.module
Execute a single action
configuration_process_actions in ./configuration.module
Move through the actions list processing one per call
configuration_run_pass in ./configuration.module
Run through a pass of the configuration process
_configuration_execute_batch in ./configuration.module
Batch callback function for batch execution
_configuration_replace_tokens in ./configuration.module
Helper function to replace key/values using tokens