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function configuration_execute_batch in Configuration Management 6

The "batch" method of executing a configuration

The job of this method is to save and set the configuration data upon the start of each batch operation while passing it through the batch sandbox


./configuration.module, line 251
Provide a unified method for defining site configurations abstracted from their data format. Various data formats should be supported via a plugin architecture such as XML, YAML, JSON, PHP


function configuration_execute_batch() {
  $batch = array(
    'init_message' => t('Running action @current out of @total', array(
      '@current' => 1,
      '@total' => 7,
    'progress_message' => t('Running action @current out of @total.'),
    'operations' => array(),
  for ($i = 1; $i <= 7; $i++) {
    $batch['operations'][] = array(

  // Get the current batch so we can add the current configuration data
  $batch =& batch_get();
  $batch['sets'][0]['results']['configuration_data'] = configuration_get_data(null, true);