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function configuration_initiate in Configuration Management 6

Initialize whats needed to execute a configuration.

1 call to configuration_initiate()
configuration_run_pass in ./configuration.module
Run through a pass of the configuration process


./configuration.module, line 1974
Provide a unified method for defining site configurations abstracted from their data format. Various data formats should be supported via a plugin architecture such as XML, YAML, JSON, PHP


function configuration_initiate() {

  // Get the data object
  $data = configuration_get_data('data');

  // Create the context array that will be used throughout the process
  $context = configuration_build_context($data);

  // Set the phase to the beginning of execution
  configuration_set_data('phase', CONFIGURATION_INITIALIZE);

  // Store the context object. No need to store the original data
  // at this point although it already is saved.
  configuration_set_data('context', $context);

  // Set up php error handling


  // This will be used as a refrence to determine if a real error
  // occured during the pattern execution