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function _xmlsitemap_node_links in XML sitemap 5

Get node links.


$excludes: An array of node types to exclude.:

Return value

An array of links. Each link is an array containing the XML values for a site map URL.

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1 call to _xmlsitemap_node_links()
xmlsitemap_node_xmlsitemap_links in xmlsitemap_node/xmlsitemap_node.module
Implementation of hook_xmlsitemap_links().


xmlsitemap_node/xmlsitemap_node.module, line 55
Adds nodes to the site map.


function _xmlsitemap_node_links($excludes = array()) {
  $links = array();
  if (module_exists('comment')) {
    $sql = "\n      SELECT n.nid, n.type, n.promote, s.comment_count, n.changed, xn.previously_changed, s.last_comment_timestamp, xn.previous_comment, xn.priority_override, ua.dst AS alias\n      FROM {node} n\n      LEFT JOIN {node_comment_statistics} s ON s.nid = n.nid";
  else {
    $sql = "\n      SELECT n.nid, n.type, n.promote, n.changed, xn.previously_changed, xn.priority_override, ua.dst AS alias\n      FROM {node} n";
  $sql .= "\n    LEFT JOIN {xmlsitemap_node} xn ON xn.nid = n.nid\n    LEFT JOIN {url_alias} ua ON =\n    WHERE n.status > 0\n    AND (n.type NOT IN ('" . implode("', '", $excludes) . "') AND xn.priority_override IS NULL OR xn.priority_override >= 0)\n    AND n.nid <> %d";
  $result = db_query(db_rewrite_sql($sql), _xmlsitemap_node_frontpage());
  while ($node = db_fetch_object($result)) {
    $links[] = array(
      'nid' => $node->nid,
      '#loc' => xmlsitemap_url('node/' . $node->nid, $node->alias, NULL, NULL, TRUE),
      '#lastmod' => variable_get('xmlsitemap_node_count_comments', TRUE) ? max($node->changed, $node->last_comment_timestamp) : $node->changed,
      '#changefreq' => xmlsitemap_node_frequency($node),
      '#priority' => xmlsitemap_node_priority($node),
  return $links;