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CHANGELOG.txt CHANGELOG.txt XML Sitemap 5.x-1.6, 2008-15-21 ------------------------------- - #259490: Fixed invalid xsi:schemaLocation. XML Sitemap 5.x-1.5, 2008-05-15 ------------------------------- - Eliminated conversion of element IDs to additional link paths. - #199413 by…
gss.css gss/gss.css body { margin-top: 0; background-color: #fff; } body, td, th { font-family: arial,sans-serif; font-size: 13px; } h1 { font-size: 1.2em; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-top: 0; } h1 a { font-size: 0.8em; font-weight: normal; } h2 { …
INSTALL.txt INSTALL.txt XML Sitemap Module If you are upgrading from Google Sitemap, make sure you are using the latest version. Installation Instructions: 1. Place the xmlsitemap directory in sites/all/modules. 2. Go to the XML Sitemap section at …
README.txt README.txt XML Sitemap Module Author: Matthew Loar <matthew at loar dot name> This module was originally written as part of Google Summer of Code 2005. DESCRIPTION ----------- The XML Sitemap module creates an XML site map… name = XML Sitemap description = Creates an XML site map in accordance with the specification. package = XML Sitemap
xmlsitemap.install xmlsitemap.install
xmlsitemap.module xmlsitemap.module Creates a site map compatible with the schema.
xmlsitemap.php docs/xmlsitemap.php XML Sitemap API documentation xmlsitemap_engines/ name = XML Sitemap: Engines description = Submits site map to search engines. package = XML Sitemap dependencies = xmlsitemap
xmlsitemap_engines.install xmlsitemap_engines/xmlsitemap_engines.install
xmlsitemap_engines.module xmlsitemap_engines/xmlsitemap_engines.module Define actions for Google, Yahoo!, Ask, and Bing. xmlsitemap_node/ name = XML Sitemap: Node description = Adds nodes to the site map. package = XML Sitemap dependencies = xmlsitemap
xmlsitemap_node.install xmlsitemap_node/xmlsitemap_node.install
xmlsitemap_node.module xmlsitemap_node/xmlsitemap_node.module Adds nodes to the site map. xmlsitemap_term/ name = XML Sitemap: Term description = Adds taxonomy terms to the site map. package = XML Sitemap dependencies = xmlsitemap
xmlsitemap_term.install xmlsitemap_term/xmlsitemap_term.install
xmlsitemap_term.module xmlsitemap_term/xmlsitemap_term.module Adds terms to the site map. xmlsitemap_user/ name = XML Sitemap: User description = Adds user profiles to the site map. package = XML Sitemap dependencies = xmlsitemap
xmlsitemap_user.install xmlsitemap_user/xmlsitemap_user.install
xmlsitemap_user.module xmlsitemap_user/xmlsitemap_user.module Adds user profiles to the site map.

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