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public function SWFObject::toArray in SWF Embed 7

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  1. 6 swfembed.module \SWFObject::toArray()

Convert this to an array ready for serializing. This is a special-purpose method for turning this object into a configuration array. It is not a general purpose serialization method.

Return value

An associative array for serializing to JavaScript.


./swfembed.module, line 473
The main file for swfembed.


Generic data object for describing an SWF configuration.


public function toArray() {
  return array(
    'height' => $this
    'width' => $this
    'flashvars' => $this
    'params' => $this
    'noflash' => $this
    'url' => $this
    'swfFallbacks' => $this
    'expressInstall' => $this
    'version' => $this