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public function SWFObject::getHeight in SWF Embed 7

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  1. 6 swfembed.module \SWFObject::getHeight()

Returns the height the SWF file should use.

If no height has been specified explicitly, the system will try to determine the proper height based on the file if it can.

Return value

The height of the SWF file in pixels.

1 call to SWFObject::getHeight()
SWFObject::toArray in ./swfembed.module
Convert this to an array ready for serializing. This is a special-purpose method for turning this object into a configuration array. It is not a general purpose serialization method.


./swfembed.module, line 254
The main file for swfembed.


Generic data object for describing an SWF configuration.


public function getHeight() {
  return $this