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function support_substatus_default in Support Ticketing System 6

Determine default for a list of substatus fields.

1 call to support_substatus_default()
support_substatus_form_alter in support_substatus/support_substatus.module


support_substatus/support_substatus.module, line 513
Support Substatus -- allows per-status sub-status values, so for example a "pending" ticket can be further marked with "needs review", etc. @author Jeremy Andrews <> @package Support


function support_substatus_default($substatus) {
  $ssids = array();
  foreach ($substatus as $ssid => $stuff) {
    $ssids[] = $ssid;
  if (empty($ssids)) {
    return 0;
  else {
    return db_result(db_query_range('SELECT ssid FROM {support_substatus} WHERE ssid IN (%s) AND disabled = 0 ORDER BY weight ASC', implode(',', $ssids), 0, 1));