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function _support_solr_assigned_name in Support Ticketing System 6

Callback to get the assigned name given an is_support_assigned value.

1 call to _support_solr_assigned_name()
theme_apachesolr_breadcrumb_is_support_assigned in support_solr/support_solr.module
Theme assigned breadcrumb
1 string reference to '_support_solr_assigned_name'
support_solr_support_solr_info in support_solr/support_solr.module
Implementation of hook_support_solr_info().


support_solr/support_solr.module, line 210
Apache Solr search for support module.


function _support_solr_assigned_name($facet) {
  if (!$facet) {
    return t('unassigned');
  $account = user_load($facet);
  return check_plain($account->name);