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function support_pm_project_load_nid in Support Ticketing System 7

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  1. 6 support_pm/support_pm.module \support_pm_project_load_nid()
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support_pm_comment_view in support_pm/support_pm.module
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support_pm/support_pm.module, line 1086
Support Project Management. @author Jeremy Andrews <> @package Support


function support_pm_project_load_nid($nid) {
  static $projects = array();
  if (!isset($projects[$nid])) {
    $projects[$nid] = db_query('SELECT * FROM {support_project_ticket} spt LEFT JOIN {support_project} sp ON spt.projid = sp.projid WHERE spt.nid = :nid', array(
      ':nid' => $nid,
    drupal_alter('support_pm_project_load_nid', $projects[$nid]);
  return $projects[$nid];