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function support_perm in Support Ticketing System 6

Implementation of hook_perm().


./support.module, line 704


function support_perm() {
  $perm = array(
    'administer support',
    'create tickets',
    'delete any ticket',
    'delete own tickets',
    'edit any ticket',
    'edit own tickets',
    'edit multiple tickets',
    'can administer state',
    'can suppress notification',
    'can subscribe other users to notifications',
    'download mail via support/fetch',
    'view other users tickets',
    'can select state',
    'can select priority',
    'can select client',
    'can assign tickets to self',
    'can assign tickets to any user',
    'move ticket',
  $result = db_query('SELECT name FROM {support_client} WHERE status = 1');
  while ($client = db_fetch_object($result)) {
    $perm[] = 'access ' . check_plain($client->name) . ' tickets';
  return $perm;