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function support_client_load in Support Ticketing System 7

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  1. 6 support.module \support_client_load()

Menu callback, load a client.

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./support.module, line 640


function support_client_load($id, $integer = TRUE) {

  // @@@ Migrate all users to entity_load()?
  static $clients = array();
  if (!isset($clients[$id])) {
    if ($integer) {
      $results = array(
    else {
      $results = db_query("SELECT clid FROM {support_client} WHERE path = :path", array(
        ':path' => $id,
    $results = entity_load('support_client', $results);
    foreach ($results as $client) {

      // @@@ Deprecate this. Entity does it better.
      drupal_alter('support_client_load', $client);
      $clients[$id] = $client;
  return isset($clients[$id]) ? $clients[$id] : FALSE;