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function support_access_clients in Support Ticketing System 6

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  1. 7 support.module \support_access_clients()

Custom permissions function.

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./support.module, line 572


function support_access_clients($client = NULL, $account = NULL) {
  if (is_object($client)) {
    if (is_object($account)) {
      return user_access('administer support', $account) || user_access("access {$client->name} tickets", $account);
    else {
      if ($client->clid == SUPPORT_ALL_CLIENTS) {
        if (_support_access_tickets() > 1) {
          return TRUE;
        else {
          return FALSE;
      return user_access('administer support') || user_access("access {$client->name} tickets");
  else {
    return _support_access_tickets();