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Functions in Salesforce Suite 7.2

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
drush_salesforce_api_soql salesforce_api/ Execute a SOQL query.
drush_salesforce_api_soql_describe salesforce_api/ Examine a salesforce table. Allows for deep inspection using dot syntax similar to sql databases.
drush_salesforce_api_soql_show_tables salesforce_api/ Duplicates the functionality of mysql's SHOW TABLES
drush_sf_import sf_import/ Import data from Salesforce
drush_sf_import_sf_fieldmap sf_import/ Info about a specific fieldmap import
drush_sf_import_sf_get_updated sf_import/ Calls SF Import Get Updated
hook_default_salesforce_fieldmaps ./salesforce_api.api.php Builds a set of default fieldmaps. This allows modules to offer out-of-the box mappings based on common use cases or patterns. It is recommended but not required that you use the following verbose naming convention for your default fieldmaps in order…
hook_fieldmap_objects ./salesforce_api.api.php Expose fields to fieldmappings.
hook_fieldmap_objects_alter ./salesforce_api.api.php Modify fieldmap object definitions.
hook_salesforce_api_delete ./salesforce_api.api.php Called before Salesforce delete. This hook can be used to prevent deletion of Salesforce records entities, but cannot prevent deletion of Drupal entities (or hook_user_delete).
hook_salesforce_api_export_connect_fail ./salesforce_api.api.php Called when a connection attempt to Salesforce fails on export.
hook_salesforce_api_id_save_alter ./salesforce_api.api.php Modify Salesforce IDs before they are saved to the {salesforce_object_map} table.
hook_salesforce_api_import_connect_fail ./salesforce_api.api.php Called when a connection attempt to Salesforce fails on import.
hook_salesforce_api_post_export ./salesforce_api.api.php Called after a Salesforce create or update attempt.
hook_salesforce_api_post_import ./salesforce_api.api.php Called immediately after creating or updating a Drupal object from Salesforce data import.
hook_salesforce_api_post_unlink ./salesforce_api.api.php Called after a link between Drupal and SF objects is removed. $args is the array of ids which were provided to salesforce_api_id_unlink().
hook_salesforce_api_pre_export ./salesforce_api.api.php Called immediately before a Salesforce object is to be created or updated during export (e.g. sf_user_export, sf_node_export). Entity-based modules that invoke Salesforce create, update, or upsert methods should always invoke this hook before calling…
hook_salesforce_api_pre_import ./salesforce_api.api.php Called immediately before creating or updating a Drupal object from Salesforce data import.
hook_sf_find_match ./salesforce_api.api.php Retrieve matching object ids before creating a new object. This hook is designed to eliminate creation of duplicate objects if so desired. For example, an implementation of sf_user_sf_find_match might query Salesforce for Ids matching the…
hook_sf_notifications_check_condition sf_notifications/sf_notifications.api.php Indicate whether a notification should be processed.
hook_sf_notifications_processed sf_notifications/sf_notifications.api.php Hook called after a notification message has been processed.
salesforce_api_admin_object salesforce_api/ Ask Salesforce for a list of objects and display a checklist for the user. Based on user selection, set up or tear down cached/synched Salesforce data. @todo make this more user-friendly. At the moment it's possible for an admin user to blow… 1
salesforce_api_admin_object_submit salesforce_api/ FAPI submit handler Gather enabled SF Objects and rebuild the cache.
salesforce_api_cache_build salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Recreate the Salesforce object cache. 4 1
salesforce_api_connect salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Creates an object used for communicating with the Salesforce server and performs a login to verify the API credentials. 25
salesforce_api_cron salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Implements hook_cron().
salesforce_api_decrypt salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Decrypt a specified value. 1
salesforce_api_delete_object_map salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Given a Drupal entity type and Drupal object id, delete an object mapping 1
salesforce_api_delete_salesforce_objects salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Wrapper for SFBaseClient::delete 1
salesforce_api_demo salesforce_api/ Demonstrates some of the API functionality through the Salesforce class and fieldmap functionality. 1
salesforce_api_describeGlobal salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Wrapper for SOAP SforceBaseClient::describeGlobal 3
salesforce_api_describeSObject salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Wrapper for SOAP SforceBaseClient::describeSObject Given an sf object type, return the SF Object definition 1
salesforce_api_describeSObjects salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Wrapper for SOAP SforceBaseClient::describeSObjects Given an array of sf object type, return an associative, normalized array of SF object definitions, indexed on machine-readable names of SObjects 3
salesforce_api_drush_command salesforce_api/ Implements hook_drush_command().
salesforce_api_drush_help salesforce_api/ Implements hook_drush_help().
salesforce_api_encrypt salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Encrypt a specified value. 1 1
salesforce_api_encryption_available salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Check whether encryption is available. 2
salesforce_api_export_salesforce_fieldmap salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Generates a form with the export code for a given fieldmap. 1
salesforce_api_features_api salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Implements hook_features_api().
salesforce_api_fieldmap_add_form salesforce_api/ Displays the form to add a fieldmap. 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_add_form_submit salesforce_api/ FAPI submit handler for a new fieldmap
salesforce_api_fieldmap_admin salesforce_api/ Displays an admin table for fieldmaps. 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_clone salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Clones a fieldmap. 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_clone_form salesforce_api/ Displays the form for cloning a fieldmap 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_clone_form_submit salesforce_api/ Submit handler for the fieldmap clone form.
salesforce_api_fieldmap_create salesforce_api/ Creates a new fieldmap in the database and returns the fieldmap object. 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_delete salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Deletes a fieldmap from the database. 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_delete_form salesforce_api/ Displays the confirmation form for deleting a fieldmap. 1
salesforce_api_fieldmap_delete_form_submit salesforce_api/ FAPI submit handler for deleting a fieldmap
salesforce_api_fieldmap_description salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Returns a string of description text for the specified fieldmap. 3


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