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function hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class in Realistic Dummy Content 8

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  1. 8.2 api/realistic_dummy_content_api.api.php \hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class()
  2. 7.2 api/realistic_dummy_content_api.api.php \hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class()
  3. 7 api/realistic_dummy_content_api.api.php \hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class()
  4. 3.x api/realistic_dummy_content_api.api.php \hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class()


Return any object which is a subclass of Base, which will be used to modify content which is deemed to be dummy content.


$entity: The object for a given type, for example this can be a user object or a node object.

$type: The entity type of the information to change, for example 'user' or 'node'.

Return value

Array of objects which are a subclass of Base.

1 function implements hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class()

Note: this list is generated by pattern matching, so it may include some functions that are not actually implementations of this hook.

realistic_dummy_content_api_realistic_dummy_content_api_class in api/realistic_dummy_content_api.module
Implements hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class().
1 invocation of hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class()
RealisticDummyContent::improve_dummy_content in api/src/facade/RealisticDummyContent.php
Insert or improve dummy data in an entity of a given type.


api/realistic_dummy_content_api.api.php, line 60
Hook definitions. These functions are never called, and are included here for documentation purposes only.


function hook_realistic_dummy_content_api_class($entity, $type) {
  return array(
    // Insert class names for all classes which can modify entities for the
    // given type. These classes must exist, either through Drupal's
    // autoload system or be included explictely, and they must be
    // subclasses of Base