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function quiz_node_view in Quiz 6.6

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.4 quiz.module \quiz_node_view()
  2. 6.3 quiz.module \quiz_node_view()
  3. 6.5 quiz.module \quiz_node_view()

Basically replace node_view() for questions that are to be rendered into a quiz page.


$question_node: The question node that should be rendered.

Return value

A string containing the body of the node.

1 call to quiz_node_view()
quiz_take_quiz in ./quiz.module
Handles quiz taking.


./quiz.module, line 1250
Quiz Module


function quiz_node_view($question_node) {
  $question_node = node_build_content($question_node, FALSE, TRUE);
  node_invoke_nodeapi($question_node, 'alter', FALSE, TRUE);
  $question_node->body = drupal_render($question_node->content);
  return theme('quiz_single_question_node', $question_node);