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function quiz_get_feedback in Quiz 6.5

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 5.2 quiz.module \quiz_get_feedback()
  2. 6.6 quiz.module \quiz_get_feedback()
  3. 6.2 quiz.module \quiz_get_feedback()
  4. 6.3 quiz.module \quiz_get_feedback()

Get feedback for one question.

Good for displaying feedback after every question instead of all at the end.


$quiz: The quiz node.

$report: The question node and its calculated results.

Return value

Themed feedback for output.

1 call to quiz_get_feedback()
quiz_take_quiz in ./quiz.module
Handles quiz taking.


./quiz.module, line 1467
Quiz Module


function quiz_get_feedback($quiz, $report) {
  return theme('quiz_single_question_feedback', $quiz, $report);