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constant CALCULATED in Quiz 6.5

Same name in this branch
  1. 6.5 includes/moodle_support.php \CALCULATED
  2. 6.5 includes/moodle/lib/questionlib.php \CALCULATED
Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 6.6 includes/moodle_support.php \CALCULATED
  2. 6.6 includes/moodle/lib/questionlib.php \CALCULATED
4 uses of CALCULATED
qformat_webct::readquestions in includes/moodle/question/format/webct/format.php
Parses an array of lines into an array of questions, where each item is a question object as defined by readquestion(). Questions are defined as anything between blank lines.
qformat_xml::get_qtype in includes/moodle/question/format/xml/format.php
Turn the internal question code into a human readable form (The code used to be numeric, but this remains as some of the names don't match the new internal format)
qformat_xml::import_calculated in includes/moodle/question/format/xml/format.php
qformat_xml::writequestion in includes/moodle/question/format/xml/format.php
Turns question into an xml segment


includes/moodle_support.php, line 57


define("CALCULATED", "calculated");