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function patterns_export_php in Patterns 7.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7 patterns_export/ \patterns_export_php()

Starts the exporting process in php execution mode


string $filename The name or path of the exported file :

array $tagmodules The index of modules/tags/exports_functions :

array $info The info section of the export:

string $to Optional. A valid export destionation (e.g. zip,file,database).: Defaults, 'db'.

string $format A valid patterns format (e.g. yaml,xml,php):

string $type Defines the type of actions (CREATE or MODIFY) that are going to be created during the export process:


patterns_export/, line 16


function patterns_export_php($filename, $tagmodules, $info, $to, $format, $type = PATTERNS_EXPORT_TYPE_MODIFY) {

  //Adding the arguments we will be passing in an array
  $args = array();
  $args['type'] = $type;
  list($sections, $modules) = patterns_export_core_php($tagmodules, $args);
  return patterns_export_finalize_export($to, $sections, $info, $modules, $format, $filename);