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function _patterns_array_trace in Patterns 6

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  1. 6.2 patterns.module \_patterns_array_trace()
  2. 7.2 includes/ \_patterns_array_trace()
  3. 7 includes/ \_patterns_array_trace()

Helper function to create a list of parent keys given a context item

1 call to _patterns_array_trace()
_patterns_array_context in ./patterns.module
Helper function to create a context array based on the supplied object Supplying a parent object will set the parent for this context


./patterns.module, line 2757
Enables extremely simple adding/removing features to your site with minimal to no configuration


function _patterns_array_trace($obj) {

  // Loop back up through the parents to fill in the trace value.
  $up =& $obj;
  $trace = array();
  while (isset($up['parent'])) {
    array_unshift($trace, $up['key']);
    $up =& $up['parent'];
  return $trace;