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Functions in Patterns 6

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
block_patterns components/
call_php_func_form components/ 1
call_php_func_form_submit components/
content_patterns components/
imagecache_patterns components/
menu_patterns components/
node_patterns components/
pathauto_patterns components/
patterns_array_fetch ./patterns.module Find parts of an array based on a semi-compatible xpath syntax. 2
patterns_batch_actions ./patterns.module Execute a batch action 1
patterns_batch_finish ./patterns.module Finish a batch operation 1
patterns_check_module_dependencies ./patterns.module Check if all the module dependencies are available 1
patterns_config_data ./patterns.module Take a $data and $config object and adjust $data based on the supplied configuration 1
patterns_debug_batch ./patterns.module
patterns_edit ./patterns.module Menu callback to edit a patterns data 1
patterns_edit_submit ./patterns.module Submit edits to the pattern
patterns_edit_validate ./patterns.module Validate pattern modifications (make sure proper XML)
patterns_enable_pattern ./patterns.module 1
patterns_enable_pattern_submit ./patterns.module
patterns_error_get_last ./patterns.module Check and report PHP errors during patterns execution 1
patterns_error_handler ./patterns.module Custom error handler used only during patterns execution in order to catch and properly handle PHP errors. Based on drupal_error_handler(). 1 1
patterns_error_set_last ./patterns.module 2
patterns_execute_action ./patterns.module Execute an action 1
patterns_execute_config ./patterns.module Execute default configuration for module during the module installation
patterns_execute_pattern ./patterns.module 2
patterns_execute_pattern_batch ./patterns.module
patterns_executing ./patterns.module 2
patterns_exit ./patterns.module
patterns_feed ./patterns.module Prints XML Feed of published (public) patterns 1
patterns_feed_rearrange_data ./patterns.module 1
patterns_file_types ./patterns.module Return file extensions supported by patterns module 3
patterns_form_alter ./patterns.module
patterns_form_helper ./patterns.module 3
patterns_from_source ./patterns.module Create a pattern from an XML data source 2
patterns_get_pattern ./patterns.module 7
patterns_get_patterns ./patterns.module 4
patterns_get_pattern_details ./patterns.module Return an array with detailed information about the pattern 1
patterns_get_source ./patterns.module Menu callback - returns source code of the requested pattern if the pattern is public 1
patterns_help ./patterns.module Implementation of hook_help().
patterns_implement_action ./patterns.module Setup and run an action 1
patterns_import_file ./patterns.module Display the import pattern file form 1
patterns_import_server ./patterns.module Display the import pattern from server form 1
patterns_import_server_submit ./patterns.module 1
patterns_import_server_validate ./patterns.module 1
patterns_import_source ./patterns.module Display the import pattern form 1
patterns_import_submit ./patterns.module 3
patterns_import_url ./patterns.module Display the import pattern url form 1
patterns_import_validate ./patterns.module 3
patterns_install ./patterns.install Implementation of hook_install().
patterns_install_modules ./patterns.module 1


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