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11 uses of PATTERNS_VALIDATE_SYNTAX in Patterns 7.2

drush_patterns_import_file in ./
Imports the specified patterns file
PatternsParserTestCase::check_invalid in tests/parser/parser.test
PatternsParserTestCase::check_valid_semantics in tests/parser/parser.test
PatternsParserTestCase::check_valid_syntax_only in tests/parser/parser.test
patterns_db_save_pattern in includes/
Writes the pattern metadata (and the actual pattern) to the database.
patterns_edit in includes/forms/
Form constructor for editing a pattern. TODO:params
patterns_import_source in includes/forms/
Form constructor for the Pattern import form.
patterns_io_scan_directories in includes/io/
Scan directories looking for patterns files.
patterns_quickrun in includes/forms/
Form constructor for the Quick Run form.
_patterns_io_save_pattern in includes/io/
Lower level primitive for patterns_io_save_pattern. Includes an optional argument to force the UUUID
_patterns_scan_action in includes/parser/
Helper function for scanning patterns.