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7 calls to panels_edit_cache_get() in Panels 6.3

panels_ajax_router in ./panels.module
Route Panels' AJAX calls to the correct object.
panels_edit_cache_load in ./panels.module
Menu loader function to load a cache item for Panels AJAX.
panels_layouts_ui::edit_form in plugins/export_ui/panels_layouts_ui.class.php
Provide the actual editing form.
panels_mini_ui::edit_form_content in panels_mini/plugins/export_ui/panels_mini_ui.class.php
panels_page_wizard_add_content in includes/
panels_panel_context_edit_content in plugins/task_handlers/
Present the panels drag & drop editor to edit the display attached to the task handler.
_panels_edit in includes/
Handle calling and processing of the form for editing display content.