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function lingotek_admin_add_entity_specific_changes in Lingotek Translation 7.7

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.5 \lingotek_admin_add_entity_specific_changes()
  2. 7.6 \lingotek_admin_add_entity_specific_changes()

Modify general entity-translation form to include entity-specific changes.


array $form: The form created in function lingotek_admin_entity_bundle_profiles_form

array $form_state: The form state passed to function lingotek_admin_entity_bundle_profiles_form

string $entity_type: The entity type for which to change the form or form state

1 call to lingotek_admin_add_entity_specific_changes()
lingotek_admin_entity_bundle_profiles_form in ./
Content translation form


./, line 524


function lingotek_admin_add_entity_specific_changes(&$form, &$form_state, $entity_type) {
  $form['translation_' . $entity_type]['container'] = array(
    '#type' => 'container',
    '#prefix' => '<div class="spacer">&nbsp;</div>',
    '#attributes' => array(
      'class' => array(

  // Warning note when enabling nodes with existing Lingotek translations
  $overwrite_markup = '<div id="edit-lingotek-overwrite-warning"></div>';
  if ($entity_type != 'field_collection_item' && lingotek_previously_managed_translations($entity_type)) {
    $overwrite_markup = '<div id="edit-lingotek-overwrite-warning" style="color: red;">' . t('Note: If edits have been made to the local copy of translations since disabling Lingotek, those edits will be lost when synchronizing with Lingotek') . '</div>';
  $form['translation_' . $entity_type]['container']['overwrite_warning'] = array(
    '#markup' => $overwrite_markup,
  switch ($entity_type) {
    case 'node':

      // Optional clean up node languages.
      $node_languages = 'lingotek_function_node_languages';
      $form['translation_' . $entity_type]['container'][$node_languages] = array(
        '#type' => 'checkbox',
        '#title' => t('Prepare node languages'),
        '#description' => t('Set all <i>language neutral</i> nodes (and underlying fields and path aliases) for enabled content types to be @lang.', array(
          '@lang' => language_default('name'),
        '#default_value' => 1,

      // Optionally identify existing translations.
      $identify_translations = 'lingotek_function_identify_translations';
      $form['translation_' . $entity_type]['container'][$identify_translations] = array(
        '#type' => 'checkbox',
        '#title' => t('Identify existing translations'),
        '#description' => t('Identify existing node translations currently untracked by the Lingotek Translation module.  The translation status for all newly discovered translations will be set to <i>untracked</i>.'),
        '#default_value' => 1,
    case 'comment':

      // Optional clean up comment languages.
      $comment_languages = 'lingotek_function_comment_languages';
      $form['translation_' . $entity_type]['container'][$comment_languages] = array(
        '#type' => 'checkbox',
        '#title' => t('Prepare comment languages'),
        '#description' => t('Set all <i>language neutral</i> comments (and underlying fields) for enabled comment types to be @language.', array(
          '@language' => language_default('name'),
        '#default_value' => 1,
    case 'field_collection_item':

      // add note about field collections being coupled with their parent entities
      $form['translation_' . $entity_type]['types']['#suffix'] = t('Note: Field collections will be uploaded and downloaded at the same time as their parent.');