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function rdf_entity_prepare_view in Drupal 10

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 core/modules/rdf/rdf.module \rdf_entity_prepare_view()
  2. 9 core/modules/rdf/rdf.module \rdf_entity_prepare_view()

Implements hook_entity_prepare_view().


core/modules/rdf/rdf.module, line 213
Enables semantically enriched output for Drupal sites in the form of RDFa.


function rdf_entity_prepare_view($entity_type, array $entities, array $displays) {

  // Iterate over the RDF mappings for each entity and prepare the RDFa
  // attributes to be added inside field formatters.
  foreach ($entities as $entity) {
    $mapping = rdf_get_mapping($entity_type, $entity

    // Only prepare the RDFa attributes for the fields which are configured to
    // be displayed.
    foreach ($displays[$entity
      ->getComponents() as $name => $options) {
      $field_mapping = $mapping
      if ($field_mapping) {
        foreach ($entity
          ->get($name) as $item) {
          $item->_attributes += rdf_rdfa_attributes($field_mapping, $item