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6 uses of PAGE_MANAGER_CHANGED_DELETED in Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) 7

page_manager_get_handler_operations in page_manager/
Collect all the operations related to task handlers (variants) and build a menu.
page_manager_handler_delete_submit in page_manager/
Submit handler to delete a view.
page_manager_handler_rearrange in page_manager/
Rearrange the order of variants.
page_manager_page_new_page_cache in page_manager/plugins/tasks/
When adding or cloning a new page, this creates a new page cache and adds our page to it.
page_manager_page_summary in page_manager/
Print the summary information for a page.
page_manager_save_page_cache in page_manager/page_manager.module
Write all changes from the page cache and clear it out.