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function configuration_check_node in Configuration Management 7

2 calls to configuration_check_node()
configuration_node_type_update in observers/
Implements hook_node_type_update().
node_configuration_revert in includes/
Implements hook_configuration_revert().


includes/, line 205


function configuration_check_node($identifier) {

  // Get static variable that we can access across this request.
  $from_activestore =& drupal_static('configuration_from_activestore');
  $component = 'node';
  if (file_exists("config://")) {

    // Load the current configuration file on disk
    include_once drupal_realpath("config://");
    if (function_exists('configuration_configuration_node_info')) {

      // Clear the node type cache.

      // Export just the field we're tracking.
      module_load_include('inc', 'configuration', 'configuration.export');

      // Export the field we just saved and evaluate the export to $fields
      $code = node_configuration_export_render('configuration', array(
      $items_code = configuration_configuration_node_info();

      // If the activestore doesn't exist it is most likely because this configuration
      // only exists in code.
      if (empty($items)) {
        configuration_set_status($component, $identifier, CONFIGURATION_TRACKED_DATASTORE_ONLY);
      configuration_update_component_status($component, $identifier, $items, $items_code, $from_activestore);